26th lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 31.5.2013 – “Día de los Muertos”

In june it became darker, but at the same time also very colorful. Día de los Muertos was scheduled for tonight. Day of the Dead is an important Mexican holiday to remember the dead. Lots of people make up and wear dresses like the skeleton lady La Catrina. This time we wanted a special background and so we build a 2,40m x 2,40m frame which we decorated.

Benita Kuttelwascher

Benita-Muerte-3   Benita-Muerte-2   Benita-Muerte-1

Holger Prothmann

Holger-Muerte-DSC_1418   Holger-Muerte-DSC_1442   Holger-Muerte-DSC_1427

Markus May

Mike-Muerte-DDLM-001   Mike-Muerte-DDLM-018   Mike-Muerte-DDLM-030

The first setup consited of a rectangular softbox above the model on the right side and a reflector down left to lighten up the neck area. Face and hair decoration are are well iluminated and we get a nice reflection on the background.

Tobias Gaugler

DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-6   DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-14   DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-16

Scott Lewis


On the second setup we replaced the softbox with a beauty dish and a backlight reflector with color filters on the background. The reflector on the background creates a glow around the model. To get more individual photos we changed the color filter for every model.

Thorsten Rüger

Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2761   Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2796   Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2882

Thomas Reitmann

thomas_reimann-Muerte-1   thomas_reimann-Muerte-2   thomas_reimann-Muerte-5

DiaMuerte1    DiaMuerte2  Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2935

A big thanks to our models Bettina, Carla, Johann and Julia, which were the trigger for the shooting and a special thanks to Atilla from LifesonFILMS for a great video.

26rd lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. "Dia de los Muertos" 31.05.2013 from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.

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