How to build a darkroom

Recently, the LightGIANTS studio also has a darkroom as a photo lab. The purpose of the darkroom is primarily to create analog photographic prints. Since our dressing room had been separated only provisionally by cabinets and a curtain the new darkroom also doubles as dressing room. As a requirement the chamber should not appear as something disturbing in the corner, or even shrink the studio.

After a short planning phase and measuring the space we were off to the hardware store to get the appropriate materials: Wood, brackets, screws, a door, ... After 3 days, the chamber was already set up, the door was fitted light-tight and on the fourth day it was papered and painted. After that the hardware was installed - especially the enlarger, the ventilation system, the mirrors and the electrics - and the darkroom dressing room was ready for initial testing.


  • Enlargement Kaiser System V VCP7002 with color head for formats up to 6x7cm
  • Rowi PE paper dryer, width 30cm
  • Jobo Color Processor with Jobo CPA Color Drum 4202 for prints up to 40x50cm
  • Ventilation system by Papst
  • Music in the darkroom ...

Short time lapse video:

Dunkelkammer from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.

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