24th lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 29.03.2013 – “Palm Valley”

Our friends at Palm Valley recently changed the line up of their band. So ex band member and current lightGIANT Philip Dehm suggested it was time for a band shoot.

Like all band shootings its a case on finding a look that match the bands style and making sure every one has fun during the shoot. And to be honest with such a relaxed group of people thy made the job easy.

Prisma Saptika

Prisma_IMG_3273_BW   Prisma_IMG_3277   Prisma_IMG_3318

Christian Konrad

Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4303-2   Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4348-2   Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4356

Steffen Hillenbrand

SteffenPalmValley1   SteffenPalmValley2jpg   SteffenPalmValley3

John Koh

John_Koh_Palm_Valley1  John_Koh_Palm_Valley1   John_Koh_Palm_Valley3

We had a variety of different lighting styles including lying the band on the floor in a star formation and covering them in their cables. We suspended a large octo-box with a 400ws Bowens Gemini mono-block on a large boom directly over them and we also shot from directly above them.

Other lighting included ring flashes and ring lighting, or building a large ring flash from strip lights. Basically all the lighting was very direct to give an even lighting over the whole band.

Marco Spalluto

Prisma_IMG_3273_BW   Marco_20130330-AH4B4941-Bearbeitet   Marco_20130330-AH4B4936-Bearbeitet

Thomas Reimann

tom_palm_valley-3118   tom_palm_valley-4891   tom_palm_valley-4899

Scott Lewis

Scott_Palm Valley LG-100   Scott_Palm Valley LG-110   Scott_Palm Valley LG-122

Thorsten Rüger

Thorsten_DSC2166_1   Thorsten_DSC2186_1   Thorsten_DSC2191_1

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