23rd lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 30.11.2012 – “Apocalipstick”

Apocalipstick is simply a mixture of apocalypse and lipstick. The basic idea behind the shoot was to mix up a whole pile of genre based on women with weapons e.g. Kill bill, Tank-Girl, Serenity, Sucker-Punch etc. I wanted to keep the base lighting set-up simple and only change the effect lighting around the studio. So the whole shoot was done with 1 key light  that stayed basically the whole shoot in one spot with a constant power output. Then we just adjusted colour gels and other lighting over the course of the night to create the desired look... there was blood. smoke. screams. blades of various sorts. Eyeballs falling out on the ground. flashes of light. guns. dangerous looking women.

Benita Kuttelwascher


John Koh


Lennart Jütte


It was another one of those late shoots. Towards the end of the night almost every one had been in-front of the camera in one way or another, especially our vidiographer Attila. He ended up in the  several roles including terrorist and victim, thanks from putting in the extra effort to make it a great night for everyone.

Marco Spalluto


Markus Wochele


Originally I wanted to do this shoot in an abandoned building or car wreckers yard, but unfortunately this time the situation didn't allow it so maybe we can do something similar next summer on location.

Scott Lewis


Thorsten Rüger


and finally Attila the vidiograhers making of video.

23rd lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. "Apocalipstick" 30.11.2012 from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.

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  1. cool music choice for the video

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