22st lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 26.10.2012 “Handball”

When we were planning the Friday night shoot for October Marco suggested a handball team that he knows would love some pics. Great but like always we don't just want to stand a few guys in front of the flash and call it a work shop... There has to be something special and a challenge to make it worth everyone's time. The concept was to get great portraitures where it was hard to hit the exact focus point. Either through a very narrow depth of field of though jumping movement of the team.

Tobias Gaugler


Marcello Kutzner


Johannes Konrad


The first lighting set up we were shooting between f1.4 and 2.8 depending on what lenses the shooters had with them. If some one didn't have a fast prime lens then they could shoot at a higher ISO and f2.8. This kept the narrow d.o.f and we didn't have to change any light set-ups to match the shooters lenses.

Markus Wochele


Scott Lewis


Thorsten Rüger


The second part of the night  was spent doing quick succession of jump shots, rapid fire, quick timing and with a lot more light. Here the challenge was to get the timing and the focus right as the guys and girls did typical hand ball jumps shots. Keeping the framing and composition usable in a confined space isn't the easiest thing to do.

Thomas Reimann


Marco Spalluto


And a special thanks the stylist and the video team and at last our world famous making of video.

22nd lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. "Handball" - 26.10.2012 from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.

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