Summerspecial – expired analog summer 2012 – the results

After our super hot summer shooting we invited some friends to shoot with expired film on the "Bierbörse Karlsruhe". There has been enough film for everybody. Here you can find the impressing results of all shooters:

Aurora.Luna (Revueflex SC2)

Bogdana (Nikon)

Jana Deichsel (Canon EOS 1000 FN, 50mm f2)

Jörg Zablonski (Nikon FG-20)

Lennart Jütte (Kodak Retina IV)

Markus Wochele (Canon)


Marco Spalluto (Leica M6, Summicron 50mm f2, Lomo Blitz)

Wookeeh (Hasselblad 500c)

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  1. Thanks for organising that Marco ….

  2. No problem. It was a very cool workshop. Thanks to all participants!

  3. Gaaaannz tolle Ergebnisse, Kompliment, ich habe noch mehr Filme, bei Bedarf bitte melden.

  4. @S.Mandic: Bedarf! 😉

    Aber leider habe ich momentan kaum Zeit.

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