(Deutsch) 31th lightGiants friday night shot with “In Plastic” – 30.01.2015

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29th lightGIANTS Friday Night Shoot – Lacrosse

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26th lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 31.5.2013 – “Día de los Muertos”

In june it became darker, but at the same time also very colorful. Día de los Muertos was scheduled for tonight. Day of the Dead is an important Mexican holiday to remember the dead. Lots of people make up and wear dresses like the skeleton lady La Catrina. This time we wanted a special background and so we build a 2,40m x 2,40m frame which we decorated.

Benita Kuttelwascher

Benita-Muerte-3   Benita-Muerte-2   Benita-Muerte-1

Holger Prothmann

Holger-Muerte-DSC_1418   Holger-Muerte-DSC_1442   Holger-Muerte-DSC_1427

Markus May

Mike-Muerte-DDLM-001   Mike-Muerte-DDLM-018   Mike-Muerte-DDLM-030

The first setup consited of a rectangular softbox above the model on the right side and a reflector down left to lighten up the neck area. Face and hair decoration are are well iluminated and we get a nice reflection on the background.

Tobias Gaugler

DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-6   DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-14   DiasDeLosMuertos_byTobias-16

Scott Lewis


On the second setup we replaced the softbox with a beauty dish and a backlight reflector with color filters on the background. The reflector on the background creates a glow around the model. To get more individual photos we changed the color filter for every model.

Thorsten Rüger

Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2761   Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2796   Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2882

Thomas Reitmann

thomas_reimann-Muerte-1   thomas_reimann-Muerte-2   thomas_reimann-Muerte-5

DiaMuerte1    DiaMuerte2  Thorsten-Muerte-DSC2935

A big thanks to our models Bettina, Carla, Johann and Julia, which were the trigger for the shooting and a special thanks to Atilla from LifesonFILMS for a great video.

26rd lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. "Dia de los Muertos" 31.05.2013 from lightGIANTS on Vimeo.


25th lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 26.04.2013 – “HeyDays”

End of April it was time again for a Friday night workshop and so we  meet the Band Die HeyDays in the Studio. There was a need for new group shots and the challenge was precisely set. The first setup was a group shot with the front man, Dennis in the foreground, blurry out of focus and the other 3 guys in the back full in focus. All this on front of a seamless white background, with a bright key light from the left. Who ever worked in a studio before will recognize the difficulty... so much light but even so a blurry foreground. You can find the final setup below.

Irma Cakalli

DSC_2939-bw DSC_2942-1 DSC_2791-vintage

Christian Konrad

Die HeyDays Die HeyDays Die HeyDays

Lennart Jütte

20130426-3702 20130426-3741 20130426-3618

The second setup should be the band infront of a normal scene. So no classic studio backdrop. Therefore we used Thorstens new back wall, wallpapered with damask for the first time. Our wooden studio floor and a row of old cinema armchairs finished the scene perfectly. As light we simply choose a single big octabox in front for the perfect light.

Philip Dehm

Heydays Philip 582093_10200786032884723_908654514_n 943509_10200786032844722_1808241175_n

Thomas Reimann

Tom-heydays--2 Tom-heydays--5 Tom-heydays-5087

Thorsten Rüger

Thorsten-DSC_2424 Thorsten-DSC_2455 Thorsten-DSC_2462

And again we all had a big blast this evening with a lot of good music, beer and a whole lot of fun on both sides. Die HeyDays did a great job and so it was a long night. Around 1 o'clock in the morning we shoot the last frame and after that it was time to clean the studio and review the evening. Many thanks to all participants and the models, as always it was a pleasure for us.

HeyDays1 by Thomas Reimann   HeyDays2 by Thomas Reimann


24th lightGIANTS Friday night shoot. 29.03.2013 – “Palm Valley”

Our friends at Palm Valley recently changed the line up of their band. So ex band member and current lightGIANT Philip Dehm suggested it was time for a band shoot.

Like all band shootings its a case on finding a look that match the bands style and making sure every one has fun during the shoot. And to be honest with such a relaxed group of people thy made the job easy.

Prisma Saptika

Prisma_IMG_3273_BW   Prisma_IMG_3277   Prisma_IMG_3318

Christian Konrad

Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4303-2   Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4348-2   Christian_Palm Valley CHK-4356

Steffen Hillenbrand

SteffenPalmValley1   SteffenPalmValley2jpg   SteffenPalmValley3

John Koh

John_Koh_Palm_Valley1  John_Koh_Palm_Valley1   John_Koh_Palm_Valley3

We had a variety of different lighting styles including lying the band on the floor in a star formation and covering them in their cables. We suspended a large octo-box with a 400ws Bowens Gemini mono-block on a large boom directly over them and we also shot from directly above them.

Other lighting included ring flashes and ring lighting, or building a large ring flash from strip lights. Basically all the lighting was very direct to give an even lighting over the whole band.

Marco Spalluto

Prisma_IMG_3273_BW   Marco_20130330-AH4B4941-Bearbeitet   Marco_20130330-AH4B4936-Bearbeitet

Thomas Reimann

tom_palm_valley-3118   tom_palm_valley-4891   tom_palm_valley-4899

Scott Lewis

Scott_Palm Valley LG-100   Scott_Palm Valley LG-110   Scott_Palm Valley LG-122

Thorsten Rüger

Thorsten_DSC2166_1   Thorsten_DSC2186_1   Thorsten_DSC2191_1